Use a Pre-Inspection to Help Sell Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home? Did you know that a pre-inspection is available for your property before it’s even on the market?

Having a pre-inspection completed by your home inspector prior to listing that highlights the sound investment buyers can expect upon purchasing your property can prove beneficial – and help set your property apart from others already for sale in your neighborhood.Image result for pre certified home

You’ll have a list prepared to detail any work that may need to be done in the future that can empower you to make some changes yourself prior to listing and/or equip you with the required information to show potential buyers that only minor repairs/upgrades are suggested by a trained professional down the road. This helps take the guesswork out of the home buying process for many buyers by boosting confidence in your property.

The Stein Team CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) program for sellers is designed to maximize your selling potential. It is a simple 3 step process but does require a little initial investment. Selling your home as a CPO home gives the buyers peace of mind and saves a lot of time and potential problems that could happen during the sale. Think about it, if you were a buyer, wouldn’t you prefer to buy a home that you know upfront is a great deal, has little to no problems, and is a certified great deal? Car companies use this method to sell cars all the time. Why not use the same method for your biggest financial asset too? Our CPO seller program is a 3 step process.

A home inspection and, if applicable, a well/septic inspection, performed by a state registered inspector(s) at the time your home is listed:

  • Greatly reduces the possibility of a defect being identified after the purchase price has been negotiated
  • Allows you to handle defects prior to determining the listing price
  • Gives a written inspection report for buyers, a feature unique to our program
  • Provides Buyers a sense of confidence to offer a higher price
  • Results in a better opportunity for a faster sale at a higher price with a smoother closing
  • Consider having the home warranty in place before having the home inspection in order to reduce your risk for unknown mechanical failures
A home warranty is a 1-year protection plan that transfers to the buyers at the point of sale. The warranty will cover the repair or replacement of a lot of your homes system components and appliances that can break down over time. Think about it like buying a new car, we all love good warranties right? The same thing goes for a house. The best thing about this plan is that it can be paid at closing, so the costs don’t come out up front, and you as the seller are protected while your home is on the market. Some of the benefits of a home warranty are:

  • Seller is covered for most things that can fail during the time the home is listed.
  • Buyers get peace of mind when buying a home that has a home warranty. The first year of owning a home can be a tight time.
  • Service calls are quick, simple, and you get access to the best contractors to do the repairs.
  • And most of all, if something drastic were to happen during the selling process such as the heat pump failing, or the refrigerator stops working. The warranty gives you the seller peace of mind because something like that could be a big blow to your budget.


First impressions are everything! A home staging specialist is available for consultation. This specialist will:

  • Provide expertise in staging your home to sell, not to live in
  • Utilize what is in your home to create the important first impression
  • Assist in preparing your home to look its best to maximize the value and minimize the days listed on the market

The average home inspection turns up 15+ items that need repair. In a normal transaction, you and the buyers would have to renegotiate the agreement. In a normal transaction, this is what typically happens.

  • Most buyer’s agents will request a licensed contractor to make any repairs.
  • The buyers could choose to back out of the deal. Leaving you back at square one.
  • They will choose to ask for an average of $2,000 – $4,000 as a credit for the buyer to make the repairs.

 And these are the perks of the Stein Team CPO Program.

  • Sellers spend an average of $500 fixing issues upfront, or they are handy and make minor repairs themselves.
  • Buyers will have peace of mind and will also be happy that they don’t have to spend $300-500 on a home inspection.
  • By taking care of the issues upfront when the home is listed, you avoid the re-negotiation process and minimize your contingencies. Fewer contingencies mean you get to the closing table faster, with fewer speed bumps in the process.

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