Top 5 Summer Cocktails 2020!

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We are getting excited for the official start of summer! Although summer does not officially start for another week, we can start making summer cocktails early! Here are our top five summer cocktail recipes that you have to try!

1. Moscow Mule Punch

Cut out the added effort of making individual drinks! This punch is literally just one giant Moscow Mule! Your guests will love you for this easy and delicious cocktail experience. Click here for the recipe!

2. Rosé All Day Punch

Keeping with the theme of punch, this is perfect for your summer girls’ day! You and your ladies will certainly enjoy this delicious summer drink; it was made for the girl gang! Click here for the recipe!

3. Piña Colada Sangría

If you are craving that tropical vacation that got cancelled for this summer? This drink will make you feel like you are there with one swig! Click here for the recipe!

4. Lemonade Rum Punch

Another crowd pleaser, this lemonade rum punch is a hearty take on the classic spiked lemonade. This is sure to keep you cool and satisfied in the coming summer months. Click here for the recipe!

5. Bikini Martini

This summer cocktail is sophisticated and refreshing. If you are looking for a new fruity beverage this summer, this is for you. It can be made with or without coconut, depending on your preference! Click here for the recipe!


We love all of these drinks, and we hope you will be trying them this summer along with us!

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