Summer Cleaning is the New Spring Cleaning: 10 Ways to Prepare Your House for Sale!

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During the global pandemic, real estate agents have been faced with countless extra precautions when assisting clients with buying and selling homes. The biggest way the industry has been impacted is the lack of in person visits and open houses. Because photos and videos are becoming the primary source of exposure for a home on the market, it is so important to prepare your home visually. Here are 10 “summer-cleaning” steps you can take for your home to increase its perceived value in photos!

1. Gutters

Remove all the debris and leaves built up in your gutters. If there are leaks, fix those too!

2. Bathrooms

Fix or replace the caulking in the showers and tubs. Sloppy or cracked caulking is a major turn off for potential buyers.

3. Siding

A fresh power wash or scrub to your siding can make a huge difference, and it will leave your siding looking brand new!

4. Foundation

If your floors or walls are cracked, make sure you fix them.

5. Windows and Screens

Make sure your window panes are clean, and replace any ripped or missing screens.

6. Landscape

Plant new flowers for fresh colors, and make sure bushes and shrubbery are trimmed.

7. Hot Water Heater

Lubricate the motor and pump.

8. Sprinkler System

If any valves are damaged, broken, or missing, replace them.

9. Roof

Fix or replace the shingles that are damaged or missing.

10. Deck or Porch

Re-stain wood surfaces and make sure the railings are stable and well-kept.


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