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As COVID19 closes businesses and continues to spread, Governor Wolf has extended the stay at home order in hopes to help flatten the curve and prevent more deaths in Pennsylvania. This stay at home order leaves many questioning what businesses are still open and functioning.

We reached out to our partners at Eagleview Landing to find out their plans during this time. With aspirations for a grand opening in July 2020, we question whether they are able to hit this deadline.

Michele Darreff, the Community Relations Director provides us with some commonly asked questions during this time.

  1. Are you still building the community?                                                                                                    

    The answer is yes. Since we offer care to seniors, we are considered a necessary business, therefore, construction has continued.

  2. Is this pandemic going to push back construction? 

    As of today, the answer is no. We are still on track to apply for our Certificate of Occupancy the first week of June which has always been our targeted date.

  3. Where are you in the construction process? 

    We are currently putting the finishing touches on all of the apartments. This means-installing cabinetry, painting, etc. They should be fully finished by the end of April. Common areas are being drywalled and flooring is being installed. Exterior work is being completed as weather permits.

  4. Do you have a model apartment?

    As a matter of fact, we will. Two to be exact. They should be finished and fully furnished by the end of April. I will be sending out the video once they are complete.

  5. Are you accepting deposits?

    We have been accepting deposits for months and many of our floor plans are currently sold out.

  6. How much is a deposit and how do you get on the list?

    The deposit is $1000 and is completely refundable. The easiest way to get on the list is to contact me directly.

  7. How can I make a decision without meeting with someone?

    We are all in unfamiliar territory. I am here to provide the information needed to make an informed decision. Feel free to contact me anytime so I can get the answers you need.

Michele Darreff, Community Relations Director
Eagleview Landing, a Blue Harbor Community
650 Stockton Drive Exton, PA 19341 610-458-2588 (office) 267-547-2648 (cell) [email protected]

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