Fun Local Summer Activities

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Looking for something new to do in Chester County?
We’ve put together a list of few of our 
favourite local summer activities to help you disconnect from work & just enjoy the moment: 

Drive-In Theatre
Movies are an all-year-long kind of activity, but no one likes to be cooped up in a theatre when it’s a beautiful day today. Drive-in theatres are making a comeback these days… see if you can find one near you! You may be surprised. There are a couple hidden in the area! Check out Shankweiler’s Drive In Theatre for a new experience!
Attend a food festival
Between just our BestSelf team, we’ve been to a TON. From craft beer festivals to mac & cheese smackdowns, we’ve eaten our way through summer. With so much great food around, it’ll be impossible for you not to disconnect & feel the bliss of summer! The Chester County Restaurant Festival is one of the biggest restuaunts in West Chester for the summer!
Go old school
Remember all those fun activities you used to do as a kid? Like mini golf & laser tag? Just ‘cause you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you can’t do them again! Rediscover the child in you with some of this old-school fun. Check out the Chester County Sports Arena which hosts everything you need for a good time, including mini golf AND lazer tag! What more could you ask for?
Find a outdoor concert
Love music? Tired of only listening to music while you work? The best part of summer is all the outdoor concerts that go on! Many of them are free & hosted in local parks, harbour fronts or plazas. Just grab dinner along the way & you’ll have your evening filled! The Eagleview Town Center offers many concerts thought the summer! Take your family or friends to go see the local bands and have a good time! The also host movie nights on the same lawn on different days, so there is always something to do!
Go to an amusement park
We know there’s still a little bit of adrenaline-seeking, nacho-eating in you! Spend a day at the amusement park and we promise the rides & rollercoasters will spin every ounce of stress out of you. Don’t forget about the Brandywine Picnic Park in West Chester! This is a seasonal private park with a variety of games & outdoor activities, plus catered events! Tons of fun for families with kids!
Spend the day at a zoo, museum or art gallery
Ok, so maybe your idea of destressing doesn’t include throwing up your lunch on a rollercoaster. No worries, spend the day at your local zoo, museum or art gallery… whatever floats your boat! Grab lunch, wander around the exhibits & grab a few souvenirs on your way out. Don’t forget about Phildelphia! We are very close to the famous Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Philadephia Zoo! Make a day trip into the city!
P.S. We have a secret for you… all of these activities are more fun with a friend! So grab your best friend, or someone you haven’t caught up with in a while. Whether you go to a food festival, or an amusement park, you’ll have plenty to talk about!
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