Exploring the Mill at Anselma

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Here’s a tour of the Mill at Anselma, a national historic landmark in PA.

The Mill at Anselma was built in 1747, making it the first working mill in West Pikeland; it was certified as a national historic landmark in 2006. Would you believe David Rollenhagen, the miller for 16 years, is still grinding wheat into flour today? 

As you’ll be able to see in the video above, the property itself consists of structures, woodlands, streams, walking trails, and so forth. Here at The Mill at Anselma Preservation and Educational Trust, they’re sticklers for historical accuracy—so much so that when the mill at Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home) was being reconstructed, the engineers on that project came here to Anselma to make sure they were getting all the details right. 

At 1:47 in the video, you can meet the miller himself and take a look at the first floor of the mill, where local farmers used to take their wheat to have it ground up. Note the machinery that operates the grinding stones; it’s exactly as it was back in 1747. The water wheel, however, was switched over from wood to steel in 1906, which has ensured its longevity.

“Note the machinery that operates the grinding stones; it’s exactly as it was back in 1747.”

At 3:10 in the video, Pat Cloran, an intern here at the Mill, will show you the miller’s house. Built in 1873 as living quarters, the space now is used as an office and museum. Check out the amazing old griddles and coffee grinder in the kitchen! 

They welcome visitors to come walk the trails, and enjoy both history and nature in a beautiful setting. We hope you enjoyed this brief virtual tour and that you visit the Mill at Anselma in the future! Please reach out to us with any questions or real estate needs you may have.

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