April 2022 Customer Update

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You don’t have to be afraid of rising rates with our new program.

Are you putting in offers and finding yourself getting into bidding wars? Are you afraid of the rates going up and spending hundreds of dollars more per month or even missing out on the home of your dreams? A lot of buyers are currently facing these issues. Guild Mortgage has a program to help you.

Our Lock and Shop program lets you lock in at the current 90-day rate, even if you haven’t identified a property yet, in exchange for a $500 security deposit that is later credited towards your closing costs. If the market gets better after you lock, the program does allow you a one-time float down to the current market rate. 

“Our Lock and Shop Program lets you lock in at the current 90-day rate.”

With Guild Mortgage, your rate is protected for 90 days. Within 45 days, you must identify a property; then, within the following 45 days, you must go to closing on that property with Guild. If one of those things doesn’t happen, the $500 you spent is forfeit, and the rate goes back to market float. 

If you want more information please contact us for full details. This is a program that not everybody has access to, so if you’re worried about rapid rate increases affecting your ability to qualify, reach out to us by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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