5 Tips For Home Renovations

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Especially during this time, we are all spending more time at home. While spending more time with family can be a wonderful time, we may start to notice areas of our homes that need some work. Many of us have turned to DIY home renovations to make our houses feel more like home. Here are 5 tips we have for first time renovators.

1. Plan Each Space Separately

We often think too “big picture” when planning a renovation. Try to plan each project separately, and complete one at a time. This allows you to focus on the details of each project, and it can keep you from overlooking key details of the projects.

2. Stick to a Budget

We all know that budgets are set and broken all the time. Whether it’s for groceries or back to school shopping, we often find ourselves going overboard. Home renovations are just as easy to go over budget. To really stick to a budget, planning is crucial. This will help you avoid pricy add-ons during the project.

3. Do Your Research

Hiring skilled contractors and architects is very important for those of us who are not the handiest. It is important to research contractors and architects near you, and seek out experienced and talented people. Reviews online, and advice from friends can help with this a great deal.

4. Keep Storage in Mind

Often, when home renovations are in the design phase, aesthetic appeal can supercede practicality. We love a beautiful kitchen as much as the next guy, but storage is always important. We all think we are minimalists until we have open shelving in our kitchen instead of closed cabinets…YIKES!

5. Keep Paint Colors in Mind

Whether you are trying to keep a room with natural lighting bright, or emphasize a small room, be mindful of how the paint color affects the space. For example, dark colors can dull out sunlight in small rooms, but emphasize it in large rooms. The employees at your local hardware/paint store will help you choose the right color to accentuate your space.


We hope you enjoy your home renovation! The most important part of these projects is that you and your family love them!

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